Access your loft easily and safely

FAKRO are a global manufacturer of loft ladders.  The choice of many professionals, our loft ladders are expertly crafted from premium materials and are designed to stand the test of time.

All FAKRO loft ladders come fully assembled with an integral, insulated and fully finished hatch – ready for quick and easy installation. The increased air tightness means you also benefit from reduced heat loss.

Wooden folding section loft ladders

FAKRO Wooden folding loft ladders are the perfect solution for many homes.  Providing safe and easy access to your loft space, all our loft ladders come fully assembled, ready for easy installation.

Our best selling loft ladder

The LWK Komfort wooden loft ladder is our best-selling ladder.  Made from high-quality, redwood pine, the ladder comes complete with an insulated hatch and handrail.  With a U value of 1.1 and a maximum load weight of 160kg, this ladder is perfect for the majority of projects.Our best selling loft ladder

Increased security and comfort of use

The LWL Extra loft ladder benefits from an additional handrail mounted on the middle folding section and an unloading mechanism that assists folding and unfolding the ladder.

If you’re looking for assisted unfolding and folding, then this is the ladder for you.